In Memory Of: Peter Code

Peter Code
2008 Glen Tay Block Race

Peter Code - Glen Tay Block Race Historian, passed away on Friday, April 23, 2010, at the age of 74. Peter's positive influence in many aspects of Perth life will be missed and not forgotten. One might aptly describe Peter as "a man for all seasons". Peter was proactive in municipal affairs at the highest level, including the Rotary Club, Town Council, Citizen's Band, Chamber of Commerce, Jayceees, Probus, among others.

Peter's sports interests included running, cross-country skiing, sailing and basketball. Based on his research, personal knowledge and observation, Peter bacame a renowned storyteller of Perth events, past and present.

When the revival of The Glen Tay Block Race occurred in 1967, Peter was among it's most avid supporters and organizers. Indeed he competed in the 1967 race, won by Ron Wallingford, Canada's premier distance runner at the time. Each year Peter would begin the awards ceremony with a history of the GTBR, including his pride in his father Ed Code's victory in the very first GTBR in 1907. Peter would then assist in the race awards presentations.

Among the many awards presented to Peter were: The Canada 125 medal, the Paul Harris Award, the Ontario Heritage Foundation Certificate of Achievement, and the Ontario Volunteer Service Award.

As noted earlier, for those who knew Peter, and those who have been influenced so positively by him, we would say "Peter, you had a great run."

1967 GTBR Race
1967 Glen Tay Block Race - Revival of original historic race during Perth Old Home Week in July.
Peter Code is front row, third from left. For more information on 1967 race, see History page.